Our Services


Our program consists of six applications each year. 

Service continues year to year unless otherwise notified. No need to contact us each year. 

First Application:  Pre-emergent and broadleaf weed killer and fertilizer.  Applied January into April.  Ths treatment kills onions and broadleaf weeds as well as helps prevent weeds from coming up.

Second Application:  This application contains a liquid fertilizer and pre-emergent combination that helps in control of crabgrass.  If temperatures are up during this application some yellowing of the grass is common.

Third Application:  This application is a granular blended fertilizer and contains slow and fast release nitrogen sources.  We will spot your weeds on this applications.

Fourth Application:  This is a granular fertilization with slow release nitrogen source so the green-up will last longer into the fall months.  Spotting of weeds will also be done during this application.

Fifth Application:  Pre-emergent and weed killer applied during September through the end of December.  This kills broadleaf weeds and onions while keeping new weeds from coming up.

Sixth Application:  Lime application raises pH of lawn so that it uses nutrients efficiently and compensates for acidic rains.